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Lansing Lapse - Time Lapse Of Lansing Locations  Time Lapse Of The Capitol Dome Scaffolding Construction - 2015  Time Lapse Of The 2015 Spring Flower Planting At The Capitol  Time Lapse Of The Night Sky With The Northern Lights  Snowfall Time Lapse 2015  Lima Bean Time Lapse  Upper Peninsula Water Wonderland Video  Point Iroquois Video  Monarch Caterpiller Eating Milkweed Video  Beaumont Tower Carillon Video  Bird Banding At Fenner Nature Center  Pizza Making Time Lapse  Melting Michigan Time Lapse

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  1. Dear David, we are preparing a small exhibition about seeds in the Palais de la découverte (Paris) and we would like to use this video . Do you allow us to show it (looped with other short videos) for the duration of this exhibition (mars & april 2017) ? Please, contact us at
    Best regards.