Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Finishing My Trip

Last year, I attempted to kayak from a park just north of Eaton Rapids all the way back to Lansing, a 20-mile route.  Nine miles into the trip, I snapped one of the blades of my paddle and my trip ended.  Fortunately, this took place right next to the Waverly Road.  The water was so low that I could walk the kayak back to the bank where I waited for Valerie to fetch me.

Sunday, Valerie dropped me off at Waverly Road and I completed my route.  Had the weather cooperated earlier in the day, I would have tried the complete route again, but the snow and rain delayed my trip by several hours.  

The photo above is the paddle that busted with a new blade.  This paddle is a very light and a comfortable paddle.  But just in case, I now always carry my old heavier paddle with me so that I can avoid this situation again.

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