Monday, May 5, 2014

Tiny Spring Butterfly

Last Saturday I encountered my third butterfly species of the season.  I saw four of these tiny Spring Azure butterflies in different locations at Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area.  I had never seen the darker coloration on the edges of the wings of this species in the past.  The Spring Azure has three forms of wing patterns: one with slight edge details, the "marginata" form shown here, and another form with the dark edge pattern and darker spots on the rest of the wings.  With these photos, I have now seen the first two forms.

Of all the Spring Azure butterflies I have photographed in the past, I never have had one open its wings enough to capture the bright blue on its dorsal wings.  Thankfully, one of them spread its wings wide enough for me to snap a couple of shots before it flitted off into the woods.  You have to look carefully to see these butterflies as they are about half-an-inch long or the size of the fingernail on an adult's little finger.

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