Saturday, June 14, 2014

Join The Club... Tails

Ashy Clubtail male (Gomphus lividus)
The Clubtail dragonflies are out in force already this spring.  They are all very similar, but have small differences in their stripes and coloration.  The "clubs" at the end of their "tails" also vary in size and the as well as the shape of the male appendages at the very end.  Some have narrow clubs, like the Ashy and Lancet Clubtails, while others have very wide clubs, such as the Midland and the Skillet Clubtails.  The Skillet Clubtail male has the largest club of all the Clubtails.  As the season progresses, several more Clubtail species will emerge in mid-Michigan.
Ashy Clubtail female (Gomphus lividus)
Skillet Clubtail female (Gomphus ventricosus)
Skillet Clubtail male (Gomphus ventricosus)
Midland Clubtail female (Gomphus fraternus)
Midland Clubtail male (Gomphus fraternus)
Midland Clubtail male (Gomphus exilis)

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