Thursday, August 14, 2014

Unexpected Treasures

When I was working on a project at my mother's house the other day, she brought out the bag pictured above that appears to be a bowling ball bag.  She asked if I would like the treasures inside and I commented that I was not sure I really needed a bowling ball.  Out of the bag she pulled two antique cameras in very good condition.

The most spectacular of the two is the Polaroid Pathfinder 110 camera.  It has an intact bellows with no rips and all the mechanisms seem to work really well.  You cannot obtain film for this camera anymore, but I am reading up on a way to fit a special film holder into the back so it can use modern Polaroid film.  The instructions were also included in the bag.

The second camera is not is as good of shape, but its problems appear cosmetic.  A little cleaning should take care of that.  It is a 35mm camera and I might track down some film in order to play with it a bit.  Both this camera and the Polaroid were made in the mid-1950s according to the research I did on them.

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