Friday, September 12, 2014

One Last Dragonfly Of The Season

I am pretty sure I would find more dragonflies this fall if I really looked hard, but they will mostly be the more common Meadowhawks of which I have too many photos.  So, I have decided to call the season done and focus on other things to photograph.  In a few weeks, the leaves should be turning and that will give me plenty to capture.

My last picture of a dragonfly above was not a new one, but one I have only seen one other time for only a brief moment.  The one above is a female Black-Shouldered Spinyleg Dragonfly.  I caught a glimpse of it as Valerie and I were on a walk last Saturday at the cabin.  Like the previous one I had encountered of this species, it too was wary of my presence.  I had to ease up to it slowly as it basked in the waning rays of the setting sun on a cool night.  The falling temperature was probably the only reason it stayed on the leaf so long sunning itself.

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