Thursday, November 13, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Russian Market 1994

I am not one for all of the internet fads like "Throwback Thursday" and any other series of words that are shortened and to which a "hashtag" has been added.  However, I came across two of my most favorite photographs from Russia a while back and scanned the negatives.  I knew that I wanted to post them someday, but sort of forgot about them for a while.  I had them in a folder in my photo editing program and noticed them again the other day.  They were both taken on the same day in February 1994 in a small town in Russia called Volzhskiy.  The photograph above is one of my favorite photographs of all the hundreds of thousands I have taken over the decades.  I have always mused that it would be the one photograph that I would submit to National Geographic, if the magazine ever came calling for my work.  The picture below is one that makes me wonder where those boys are today, two decades later.  The followed me around while I was at the market, because they thought I was an American journalist.

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