Saturday, April 4, 2015

Kayaking With The Eagles

About a month ago, I had encountered a Bald Eagle along the Red Cedar River near Potter Park.  Little did I know, this eagle and its mate had built a nest in that same area.  The Red Cedar River and Sycamore Creek converge in a swampy area that has many small islets that have tall trees on them.  In past years, Great Blue Herons have used this area as a rookery and their nests dot the tops of many of the trees.  The eagles claimed one of these nests for themselves and added to it.  The eagles are very purposefully tending their nest and they switch off sitting in it from time to time.  I hope as the spring progresses, I have the opportunity to watch this family of eagles grow and learn to fly.  I was able to get fairly close to the eagle when it was in the tree 30+ feet above me and it did not seemed too concerned with my presence in the area.  A circling Red Tailed Hawk caused it some consternation and it made its feelings known by squawking a bit until the hawk flew away.


  1. These photos are AWESOME! Especially the one with all the buds emerging. :) I just told Zach about a bald eagle Calvin and I saw on the way home from Bay City last month. A red tailed hawk was flying straight at it.

  2. Very nice pictures... as always, nice work.

  3. Really great images. I heard about them and walked that area about two weeks ago and couldn't find them.