Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dragonfly Season Has Arrived

On Saturday, I had a very short window of time to head out to Rose Lake State Wildlife Research Area.  I had gone out to look for any late Ringed Boghaunter dragonflies that might still be flying, but found none.  However, the woods was alive with several other species, a number of which I had the chance to capture images.  The little open space in the middle of the woods that so often is swarming with dragonflies did not disappoint.  I counted nine separate species in just a short period of time and photographed five of them.  Other than the two species of Clubtail dragonflies I saw, all the other species had numerous individual dragonflies buzzing around the clearing.  I really like this area as it always seems so alive and it amazes me how diverse it is.  It would be an ideal place for someone just beginning to study dragonflies to visit.

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