Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chasing The Northern Lights

I spent last week at our cabin in the Upper Peninsula.  On Monday night, the Northern Lights erupted in a spectacular show.  I had to wait patiently for a few breaks in the clouds around midnight to capture photos of the colorful skies.  I had only a window of about an hour to photograph the aurorae before the thick clouds rolled in for the rest of the night.

Tuesday night was far clearer, but the Lights were only a dim flicker low on the northern horizon.  At the bottom of this page you can watch a short video of the progression of the stars through the night sky from Tuesday night.  If you are watching it in a dark enough setting, you will be able to see the Northern Lights near the bottom of the screen along the tree silhouettes.   You will also see little bright green flashes, which are the lightning bugs flying in front of the lens.  Make sure to click the little gear on the lower right corner of the viewer to increase the resolution of the video.

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