Friday, June 5, 2015

Dragonflies Are Everywhere!

This spring has been amazing for dragonflies, especially my favorites - the Clubtails.  A few years ago by complete accident, I discovered Riverbend Natural Area, which is part of Ingham County Park system south of Lansing.  There is a big prairie near the Grand River and surrounded by forest where dragonflies of many different species hunt and roost.  The conditions must just be right to make this a perfect habitat for Clubtails, as several species can be spotted on any given day in May and June.  This spring I have already seen nine different species there and I expect a few more will emerge soon.  Given the special conditions there, I always keep my eyes open for Clubtail species that I have not seen in the past, as I figure they may be there and I just have not encountered them yet.

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