Tuesday, September 15, 2015

A Banner Darner Day

Last weekend, I spent some time at Rose Lake State Wildlife Area trying to photograph the last good dragonflies of the season.  With the cool and much shorter autumn days arriving, the dragonflies will be scarcer each day we get closer to winter.  I ventured out to the little two-acre clearing in the middle of the forest where I always have good luck finding dragonflies.  That day was no exception.  I photographed a number of dragonflies, including the best closeups of Lance-Tipped Darners that I have ever gotten.  I was also surprised the sighting of both a male and female Shadow Darner (the female is the brownish dragonfly, third picture up from the bottom) and a few Canada Darners.  Both the Shadow and Canada Darners have this part of the state in their range, but I have never seen either this far south.

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