Thursday, June 26, 2014

Upper Peninsula Night Sky

The night sky at our cabin is fantastic.  As far as I can tell, we have zero light pollution.  Unless the moon has risen, there is no other source of light other than the stars.  I took two long exposure photos on one semi-cloudless night.  The one above is a 20-minute, nonstop exposure.  The hazy section in the middle of the photo is the Milky Way galaxy.  The bottom picture is 4-hour long, multiple photo compilation.  Some clouds blew in later in the evening and you can see them illuminated by the moonrise on the horizon.  I shined a light on the trees to light them for the photo.  I cannot wait for a time when I have clearer skies and a little longer amount of darkness, as this time of year the light from the sunset is still on the horizon at midnight and the it starts getting light around 4:00am!  I also posted a short video of the stars moving through the night sky I composed from all the photos I took to make the second photo.  (If you have fast enough internet speed, you will want to adjust the resolution of the video to high definition using the little gear button on the lower right of the video window.)

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