Friday, September 26, 2014

Changing Seasons & Shifting Gears

With the summer succumbing to autumn this week, I felt this photo I took last Sunday fit the best for today.  Today marks my last day working in the Michigan Legislature for Senator Bruce Caswell.  Over the past twelve years I have worked for him both in the House and Senate and ran his Senate campaign.  Starting Monday, I shall work for the Michigan Liquor Control Commission.  This will be a significant change from the work I have done since I started as an intern in the Legislature in the autumn of 1994.  I hope the change suits me well, but only time will tell.  I do long for a little less stress that I believe this career shift might provide.  I have not quite wrapped my mind around the change, as the past few weeks at work seem to have been exponentially busier and stressful than I can remember.  I shall miss most of all working with some very extraordinary people and hope the chance to work with them again will come along in the future.

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