Monday, September 29, 2014

Early Autumn Color At Fenner's Restored Prairie

I have been anxiously awaiting the rebirth of the big prairie at Fenner Nature Center since the restoration work began.  The restored prairie will feature native grasses and wildflowers.  For the past year, the prairie has gone through a dramatic change, especially when it had no ground cover at all.  The work to restore the entire prairie will continue over the next few years and the maintenance of the prairie will require faithful attention to keep out the invasive species in future years.  The prairie has already started to rebound and in the early phases of its rejuvenation it is extremely beautiful with its wildflowers in bloom.  I commend the countless hours of research, planning, and hard work that the team of volunteers that have put into the prairie restoration project.

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  1. All so lovely. You just get better and better at framing a shot.